Floor Tiles

This post originally appeared on the Field Notes on Allistics Tumblr.

We recently had our kitchen floor re-tiled.  Because I’ve been overwhelmed at work (it’s the end of the semester, and my allistic students are unable to plan ahead more than a few weeks, so they’re just now realizing that when I said “you must turn in these papers to pass” I meant it), I asked my husband to take over the re-tiling project.  And I thought he was doing really well: he managed to choose a pattern, schedule the work, and stay within budget all without any assistance.

…But then I saw the results.

I’m not going to assume the workers who re-tiled our kitchen floor were allistic.  After all, it’s possible for normal people to be just plain lazy.  But oh my goodness.

My husband picked out a tile pattern that is supposed to resemble marble, so it has alternating light and dark patches.  Each tile is printed in the exact same pattern, so the light and dark patches on each are identical.

But instead of orienting each tile properly so that the light and dark patches were uniform, or instead of orienting the tiles so that they formed repeating groups or patterns, the tile installers put them in utterly randomly.  Since the tiles are packaged with all the prints in the same direction, we’re not even sure how one could install them so randomly, unless it was deliberate.

Gracie and I have both been over that floor multiple times. We’re sure it’s random.  My husband, of course, was and is oblivious to the problem.  But now that the floor is finished and the adhesive has set, we’re going to have to put up with having the tiles ripped up all over again.

At least the flooring company was apologetic and offered to fix it free of charge.  That was a relief.


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