2009 Recession Linked to Allism

The other day, I stumbled across this fascinating blog post detailing a study that has found the vast majority of the world’s bank leadership, prior to the 2009 financial collapse, were allistic.

I am surprised that no one noticed (so many allistics working in the same space – I bet it was deafening).  Sadly, I am not surprised to hear that this was so.

After all, allism has been definitively linked to sociopathy in a number of studies.  Combine that with the allistic vulnerability to groupthink and the pathological habit allistics have of assuming they understand something when they have noticeably failed to put in a normal amount of thought or effort into researching it, and it seems to me that letting allistics run even one major financial insitution – let alone all of them – is practically asking for disaster.

I wonder what other world institutions are primarily run by allistics, only no one has noticed yet?


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