Chore Therapy; Our Resident Allists Watch Sportsball

This post originally appeared on the Field Notes on Allistics Tumblr.

Today’s Field Notes on Allistics:

It’s been a busy day for our little family of allistics.  There is some kind of sportsball event on television, which absolutely captivates little Al Jr. and little Alia (our two allistic children).  The number of random, delighted, ear-splitting shrieks they’ve emitted in the past hour is astonishing!

My mother warns me that allowing them to get too wrapped up in other people’s antics is a poor idea (and that we shouldn’t let them watch so much television, but she is the one who bought the contraption for them in the first place!); they should be focusing on developing their self-direction skills, which they’ll need so badly later in life.  I know she’s right.

But I do genuinely think they’re happy, even though they can’t seem to express it without imitating TV images of happy people in a sportsball event crowd.  Perhaps later we can steer their attention back toward useful topics, like earned run averages or rushing yards.  (I admit: Gracie, our normal daughter, is the sportsball genius in our house.  I mostly stick to literature.)

This morning, we had some chore therapy with the kids.  Their ability to identify stuck-on food particles on dishes is improving, but they still cannot seem to distinguish between a tablespoon and a teaspoon.  I keep finding all the spoons, of four varying sizes and at least six varying designs, jumbled together in the same spoon slot.

At their respective ages (10 and 8), they really should know better.  Sometimes I despair that they’ll ever live an independent life…but then my mother reminds me that when I was 10, I consistently put the mustard in the refrigerator door alongside the ketchup, when it should have come after “mayonnaise” alphabetically.  Alas!


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