Compulsive Behavior

This post originally appeared on the Field Notes on Allistics Tumblr.

Does anyone know if regression in allistic children is normal?

My allistic daughter, Alia, has developed a new compulsive behavior.  She has always waved at people who are arriving or leaving her field of vision, with more prolonged and vigorous waving at people who appear to be “arriving” for the first time or “leaving” for the last.  In fact, it was one of the first behaviors that made us realize she was allistic.

Now, however, waving doesn’t seem to be enough.  Recently, she has started not only waving to people who are “arriving,” but saying “Hello!” and “How are you today?”  Every single time.  Like a parrot, only with less intelligence – at least parrots echo speech for an apparent enjoyment in sound, not because they demand some stereotypied response.

Alia has moved on to demanding a stereotypied response, which we find to be an alarming sign of allistic regression.  She gets quite “put out” when we don’t respond to her compulsive “Hello! How are you today?” with “Fine, how are you?”  She would rather we outright lie to her than that we fail to participate in the compulsive charade!

Naturally, we’ve scheduled an emergency meeting with her psychologist.  I do not know why my child is regressing so dramatically, but it has to stop.


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