Allism Awareness Month 2016: #ItsInspiringWhenAllistics

The theme of this year’s Allism Awareness Month is INSPIRATION!  And here at Casa Allism, we want you to tell us: What do allistic people do that inspires you?

Our little “square pegs in round holes” can be so inspiring!

Leave your inspiration in comments, or Tweet using the hashtag #ItsInspiringWhenAllistics.  Tell us your stories about the inspirational allistic person in your life!

What does your allistic person do that inspires you?  Have you seen a child with allism occupy his or her own time for seconds or even minutes at a stretch?  Did a loved one with allism recently notice a pattern without you saying a word?  Did an allistic co-worker finally develop more than a superficial level of interest in trains, bus schedules, insects, or editions of The Great Gatsby?  Let us know!

Keep trying, little allistics!  We believe in you!

2 thoughts on “Allism Awareness Month 2016: #ItsInspiringWhenAllistics

  1. The majority of people with allism I have to deal with are very low-functioning, but the other day, I witnessed a person with allism (remember to use person-first language, their condition doesn’t define them) asking me about my special interest, the cult sci-fi show Firefly. I do not know whether he was genuinely expressing interest or feigning it as part of an allistic social interaction ritual, but assuming it was the former, good job!

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