Cat Awareness Month 2016: How to Overcome


“Overcoming” is the theme of this day’s Cat Awareness Month post.  Like allism families, cat families spend a great deal of time thinking about how they can overcome the inherent limitations of having a neuroabsurd family member.  Today, I want to inspire you to go the extra  mile, climb every mountain, lift that barge, tote that bale, and punch the stars.

1. Become More Aware

Are you aware of cats?


I mean, are you really aware of cats?


Cat awareness is important.  More than anything, I would like to inspire you to be aware.  Open your eyes.  Notice the cat sitting directly in front of you, perhaps on your keyboard.  Take a deep breath and commune with that cat, perhaps by rubbing its wee face or skritching its fluffy ruff.  What does that cat want?  Why is it yowling at you?  You let the food bowl get empty again, didn’t you?  You monster.

2.  Accept Your Place in the Cosmic Order

Cats and allistics have very different needs than the ordinary, average human.  For instance, both demand to be fed on schedule and may resort to rude and unfair tactics, such as making excessive noises or attempting to raid the cabinet themselves, in order to get it.  But remember: to make a change, you have to BE the change.  Embrace your role as a human can opener, and you can make the world a better place.

3.  Do Stuff

Are you more aware of cats?  Are you more aware that allistic people are also a thing?  Congratulations!  Time to reward yourself with the beverage of your choice.  After all, you thought about somebody who isn’t you.  You earned it!


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