Cat Awareness Month 2016: Services


It is a well-known fact that cat is a spectrum.  Some cats are very high-functioning.  They can play fetch, poop outdoors, and behave almost like real animals.

Other cats are very low-functioning.  They spend hours licking themselves obsessively in a process known as “self-stimulation,” or “bathing.”  They never learn to use the proper bathroom, instead having to be supplied with a box of overpriced gravel.  Some of them even eschew real foods, insisting instead on being fed out of a can!

These cats are at two vastly different levels of functioning, but both will need life-long care.

Although cat diagnoses are rising to epidemic levels, very little has been done to ensure that all cats get the behavioral and other services they need. This is why the rate of unemployment in the cat community hovers near 100% (compared to less than 30% in the non-cat community).  Many cat families worry about the day their cats will fall off the dreaded “services windowsill,” in which the hordes of adoring kitten fans vanish and their cat is left to its own devices – sleeping, eating from cans like a common nuclear shelter resident, and licking, licking, licking.

This Cat Awareness Month, I encourage you to write to your elected representative and express your concern about the services windowsill.  Urge your representatives to ensure that all cats are accurately diagnosed and that early intervention is offered universally, so that these tragic animals can learn valuable life skills that will leave them less vulnerable if their cat parents someday decide not to come back from Tahiti.


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