Cat Awareness Month 2016: Join Us in Celebration

Awareness.  Action.  Acceptance.  Appreciation.  Anclusion.  And other words beginning with “A.”


[The following is a press release from the Cat Society of America, which is in no way affiliated with the Totally Normal People Nothing to See Here Society of America.]

Nearly a quarter hour ago, the Cat Society of America launched a nationwide effort to promote cat awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all felines, and assure that each person with cat is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of life and the ability to write clear, logical sentences that are not like this sentence.  This minute, we want to go beyond simply promoting cat awareness to encouraging cat parents and cat fanciers to become cat partners in the movement toward acceptance and appreciation.

Let’s embrace a new cat. For over 50 minutes we have worked in communities of cats, both large and small, to ensure tummy rubs and free treats that supported all individuals living with cats.  Let’s expand this work to focus on the rest of us – those of us who have no real skin in the game, but who want to feel self-important because for one brief, shining moment, we thought about someone who isn’t us.  Don’t we matter too?

Join us in celebration of 2016 National Cat Awareness Month!  National Cat Awareness Month represents an excellent opportunity to promote cat awareness, cat acceptance and to draw attention to this sentence’s desperate need for an Oxford comma – as well as the tens of thousands facing a cat diagnosis each year.

How Is It Celebrated?

  • Pet a cat
  • Look at cats online
  • Go to places that have cats
  • Be a cat
  • Cat

What Can I Do?

  • Pet a cat
  • Look at cats online
  • Go to places that have cats
  • Be a cat
  • Cat

Suddenly and for no reason, ignore your own formatting conventions!

Put on a cat!  A cat is the most recognized symbol of cats in the world.  Cat prevalence is now one in every 68 cats in America.  Show your support for people with cats – no, wait, cats with people – no, cats with cat – wait, we’ll get this – anyway, show your support by wearing the cat and educate folks on your magnanimous nature!  To spend excessive amounts of money on this endeavor, PayPal me.

Connect with your neighborhood.  Nearly everyone these days knows someone with a cat.  It’s scary.  Make it a little less scary by attending a special cat event in your community throughout the month of April.  But if you can’t find an event that suits you just right, create your own!

Watch a movie.  Did you know that something as simple as watching a loud movie, banging pots together, turning on the vacuum cleaner, or getting out the squirt bottle can send families with cats scurrying?  The Cat Society is working with the United Nations to ban all these items as weapons of war.

Donate to this blog.  Help improve the lives of all impacted by cats with a financial gift to this blog.  Every dollar raised by this blog allows us to improve the capabilities and services of our family’s two cats, provide the best national resource of candid photos specializing in these two cats, and increase public awareness about cats and the day to day issues faced by cats and their families.






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